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SasuHina - Seduction by Fairywater
SasuHina - Seduction
This was the original pose that I drew it in before the first one was posted! :) 
SessKag - First Kiss by Fairywater
SessKag - First Kiss
My first fanart of Sesshomaru-sama and Kagome! :) *.* I loved this pairing since I first read a fanfic about it hahha. It's stuck with me for years now and this is the first time that I've actually tried my best to finish the fanart! Why does Sesshomaru-sama's outfit and ensemble have to be so hard??? This took me longer than I thought @.@

Let me know if you like this pairing too! :)
Hi guys!

So...... I felt like doing a little journal to introduce myself a little bit so hope you guys will introduce yourself and your art to me too! :)

I use the name FairyWater and Mizu online. But you guys can call me Mizu/Thuy/Mool/Shui.... they all mean "water" so... yea.... The first one is in Japanese, then Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese...

I have been on deviantart for a long time and I have never really posted anything for a while so I thought I might want to post some of my art randomly throughout the years. I really can't believe I have been lurking on Deviantart for 9 years.... wow...

I started drawing back when I was 15 years old... after beginning my obsession with manga and anime from watching Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto... just to name a few...

I fell in love with the art and have been drawing even till now... Drawing I feel sometimes is the only thing that motivates me.. sometimes hahah.

I love drawing manga/anime related things... other stuff don't really interest me unless I have some weird inspiration and decide to portrait or something... which I rarely do.

My drawing media tend to be just paper, pencil, and random pens. I just finished CGing for the first time ever so I am at the point of frustration kekeke.... thank goodness I finished before I went crazy...

I will post that picture later.

I am also a very random person... just saying... :D

I have been working on my Manga on and off for about 4-5 years now... I finally finished the plot but have been rather lazy with drawing and inking it all... T.T I will post random pages every now and then because I really want to become more active with art! :)

The title of my manga is Fated.... I know that it sounds complicated right? haha Just kidding. I like simple workable titles...

It is my life goal to finish my manga AND publish it! So you guys will have to watch out! :)

My love for art has led me to being where I am at now and I am very proud of it.

I hope to meet some artsie friends too! :) Tell me about yourself :3


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United States
Hi guys! I'm FairyWater. You can call me Mizu-Chan :)

I've been lurking on Deviantart for quite a while but I decided to be more active now! :)

I am Vietnamese and am currently living in the states.

My interests lies in art music dance and of course fangirling 0.*

I'm also an avid fan of SasuHina. It's hard not to like this coupling.

My main goal these past few years is to make my own manga and have it published for everyone to read and enjoy :) Hope you guys will look forward to it :D

The other couplings I like is SessKag, IchiRuki, NaruSaku, and many more ~.~

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